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In Smash they showed us how great a team they make and now they’re doing the same with Super Mario Maker, the Ice Climbers have landed and they waste no time in scaling a deadly icy mountain.1a.jpg

Scaling great heights is always dangerous so it is essential to have a seasoned climber as your partner and in the new event course, Popo and Nana waste no time in showing us how it’s done, but just make sure you watch where you tread because one false move and you’ll slide straight off the ice and plummet to your death! Still being a Mario game, it just means you get to try again but if you think the mountain you have to climb is the only threat you face, think again because enemies block your path at every turn. The race to the top starts now. So if you haven’t tried the course for yourself yet, allow us to give you something of a taste, below you will find the Japanese character trailer, course description and footage of the course in action thanks to GameXplain

Popo & Nana’s Climbing Challenge:

The retro world of Ice Climber comes to Super Mario Maker! Smash your way upward through the blocks but beware of enemies blocking your path – ascending this perilous peak won’t be a simple task! How quickly can you reach the summit?

Popo and Nana are without a doubt a decent new unlock for Super Mario Maker and a costume we can have some fun with in the form of new mountain levels that are just begging to be created. Sure they are Ice Climbers, but that doesn’t mean every mountain has to be made of ice, there are mountains all over the globe! What are your thoughts regards to the latest costume? Do you love it? Hate it? Not at all fused? Let us know!

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