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We have recently spoken with Tri-Heart Interactive following the release of their couch party game The Otterman Empire on Nintendo Switch. We got talking about the development of the game, lack of online multiplayer, self-publishing, future updates, and more.

Miketendo64: Please introduce yourself and your studio! Where are you based out of?

I’m Kieran Rogers, Managing Director of Tri-Heart Interactive based in Manchester, UK.


Miketendo64: Please explain how The Otterman Empire came about?

Kieran: The development process had its ups and downs, as it was our first title, we spent a lot of time learning how to build a final product and how to get that product over the line! It has been great to work with each of the platforms, they are great in their own ways, and learning the differences has definitely been exciting. 



Miketendo64: How was the development process? Were there any issues bringing it to the switch?

Kieran: The Nintendo Switch has been a great piece of hardware to work with, developing a game for the switch has taught us so much about how versatile the console can be and how different the experience can be docked, handheld or in tabletop mode! The only issues have come from our end, from the inexperience we had with dealing with a platform that wasn’t all about visuals first.

Miketendo64: How will the community help you in the further development of this game?

Kieran: Post-launch, the community will play such a vital role in where The Otterman Empire is in six to twelve months and what it will look like! It could be completely different and we are open to that. It keeps our connection with our community strong and helps us make a better game.

Miketendo64: Are there any plans to add DLC and continued support such as patches, campaign additions, battle royale modes, etc?

Kieran: We have so much more we want to do with The Otterman Empire that we can’t wait to show everyone, right now it’s about getting the first wave of feedback and planning accordingly!


Miketendo64: Do you have a favorite game on the Switch?
My favorite at the moment (Kieran) has to be Hypercharge: Unboxed! It’s a great shooter and the devs have continued supporting the game post-launch and the improvements definitely show.

Miketendo64: You are entirely self-published..how difficult has that been?

Self-publishing has been a tough ride but it allows us to really analyze each part of our processes and to understand, as a young studio, where we need to improve moving forward. It has helped us massively in learning each stage of the development and marketing process which gives us so much value as a company moving forward.

Miketendo64: What other types of games would you like to develop in the future?

We would love to dive deep into all sorts of genres and see if there is an opportunity to create games that bring people together, be it online or local!


Miketendo64: Who is your favorite Nintendo character?

Kieran: I don’t know about the rest of the team but I am just going to speak for them anyway and say Link from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Let’s not act like he isn’t the best Link around!

Miketendo64: What are your overall goals with this project and your development company?

Kieran: From a company standpoint, we want to be able to continue building our community, building our events, and bringing people together! As for the team, we want to see where The Otterman Empire can go, see how it changes, and how it evolves with our players.

Miketendo64: What was the inspiration behind this project?

Kieran: Our inspiration for the project was a mix of things! From the reactions you would get playing Mario Kart with your favorite people, to the light-hearted nature of games like Splatoon and Ratchet and Clank.


Miketendo64: What kind of advice would you give to aspiring independent game developers?

Kieran: My main advice would be to go and learn the ins-and-outs of how to bring a product to market! That excites me the most. The things we learned about the platforms, about all the hats you need to wear as an indie developer, they have been the most interesting things we’ve learned as new developers.

Miketendo64: As regards to Multiplayer, the game doesn’t seem to support online play. Is there a reason for this or is it something that could be added at a later date?

Kieran: Online has always been something we wanted to include in The Otterman Empire, at the time we were unable to include it due to the costs it involves. But moving forward we would love to see if online is on the horizon for The Otterman Empire.

Miketendo64: Lastly, do you have anything you would like to say to our readers and followers, and everyone who buys your games?

Kieran: Thank you so much for the opportunity, I hope you go out and give The Otterman Empire a go, grab a few friends and a pizza and see who comes out on top!

The Otterman Empire


We want to thank Kieran for taking part in this interview. We also like to thank Caroline Watson for setting up the interview on our behalf. We wish the whole Tri-Heart Interactive team all the best with the success of The Otterman Empire and with future projects.

If you have yet to play The Otterman Empire, feel free to check out our review for the game here.

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