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At the Gaming Expo known as Gamepolis in Southern Spain, I was very lucky to have been invited to a “closed door” presentation hosted by Nintendo Europe and Nintendo Spain. The Presentation was of some of the games that were playable and/or announced at E3 2018 last June. Though Super Mario Party was not playable, it did have it’s own presentation that looked into the gameplay and some of the different modes of play.

Some of the following information is already common knowledge but there may be a few things that have not been officially discussed or announced. I could not take any photographs or record video of the presentation so any images in this post will be those that are readily available online. With that little disclaimer out of the way, allow me to share with you what I know.

Super Mario Party

One particular game mode we were shown was the 2v2 Party. It was not confirmed that this is the exact name of the mode, but for the sake of the presentation and this article. I will refer to it as such. 2v2 Party as the name suggests, allows two teams of two to play and work together on special boards unlike those available in Free-For-All.

In Free for all, players make their own way to the finish square whilst collecting as many stars and coins as possible. The board is filled with paths a single tile wide and various different routes that you can take. In 2v2, there are no paths as such and are more like rooms and corridors. Each room and corridor has a varying number of tiles and have a number of coins dotted around that you will need to collect in order to buy stars.

Super Mario Party

Each character has two types of dice, a standard 1-6 die and a special die personalised to the character you are playing. Mario for example as a special die that has less risk but no chance of rolling a 6. Bowser on the other hand can roll a 10 or a 1. After both players on the same team has rolled their dice, the two numbers are accumulated together to give the total spaces both characters can move each.

Toadette will appear on stage with stars that you can purchase. In 2v2 Party, you can strategize by allocating one player to collect coins and another to beeline it to the star. If both players choose to land on the star space in the same turn, they can buy up to two stars instead of just one.

You can get extra coins by jumping on your opponents once during your turn. If your movement space finishes on an opponent, you will stomp on them and you can get even more coins. Special characters will appear as allies and can provide you with yet another special dice that could have special properties.

On some stages, there is a main “Boss” that will react after so many turns have been made. For example, after the 10th turn has ended, King Bob-omb will explode and send characters flying to different areas of the board. This adds to the challenge and can swing the game in anybody’s favour.

Super Mario Party

Minigames take place after every player has their turn. In Free For all, any type of minigame can appear with 1v1v1v1, 2v2 and 3v1 groupings. In 2v2 Party, only 2v2 Minigames are present. After winning a minigame, the winning team can high five each other for extra coins. Minigames also rely more on skill this time around rather than luck. Luck is confined to hidden event tiles on the board which are randomised every time you play.

You are not restricted to playing minigames only on the boards. Minigames are unlockable via playing on the party boards but there is a whole mode dedicated to only playing Minigames with friends. There are around 80 minigames as far as we know including Making Faces, Trike & Field and Slaparazzi. Some minigames require Motion Controls whilst other use button inputs.

Super Mario Party

There is another special minigame that makes use of the dual screen patent that was rumoured a while back. In actual fact, you can position two Nintendo Switch consoles on a flat surface and create your own type of minigame puzzle that has players traversing from one screen to the other in tanks. Players can not upload their own pipe puzzle games online but it was mentioned that there may be pre-rendered puzzles to play online.


This is all the details we could gather from the closed presentation on Super Mario Party. We hope you have found it useful and that it sheds a bit more light on what you can expect from Super Mario Party. We were lucky to have got hands on with a numbe of games like Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee!, Super Smash Bros Ultimate and Starlink: Battle For AtlusFeel free to check out our Hands On With… articles by clicking on the links on each previously mentioned title.

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