Nintendo E3 2018 Games To Be Present At Gamepolis
For all of you living in Spain, I hope you bought tickets to Gamepolis VI Edition because Nintendo have just dropped a massive bombshell. Last week we announced that Nintendo is the official partner to Gamepolis this year but it gets so much better. Nintendo’s E3 2018 Games are to be present at Gamepolis this year! This means that it is most likely that there will be playable demos of Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee and Super Mario Party. The announcement says that attendees will be able to play the latest, most important games to have been presented during E3 2018.

Here is the official announcement via the website:

Yes yes! From July 20 to 22 we will live the best edition of Gamepolis in our history. Why? Well for news like this: all visitors will have the opportunity to play the most importantNintendonewspresented during the E3 in Los Angeles on June 12. Get your ticket now so you do not miss anything!


If you want to know what these new features will be, do not forget to visit our website and social networks because you will have all the information very soon. We give you an advance: they are titles that have created a great expectation around the world . Do you want to know them?

For members of the press we will also have great surprises !

In Gamepolis we face our sixth anniversary as the largest videogame festival in Andalusia and a national reference. The sections of the festival cover the whole panorama of the video game: Expo Zone, eSports and Tournaments, Cosplay, Indie Zone, Retro Zone, Conference Area and Main Stage .

This year we return with more novelties and exclusives than ever. To stay up to date on all the news from Gamepolis, continue visiting our website and follow us on social networks: Twitter , Instagram and Facebook .

If you wasn’t planning on going to Spain before, you may want to now. This is certainly the best news this side of E3 that we have heard yet. Then again, I do live in Spain and I will be attending this year. With any luck maybe I will see some of you there?

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