If you’re planning a Summer vacation in Spain next month and are a gamer, we’d suggest heading to Malaga.

Not only are Nintendo an official sponsor of Gamepolis, which celebrates its 6th anniversary next month and that the Nintendo games that were revealed at E3, are to be playable at the event, (come on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Eevee! I choose you,) there is more even news to be hand. Not only will Nintendo Iberíca “announce some great news” with there being “great surprises” for press in attendance, but there’s going to be a Pokémon conference as well.

On Saturday, July 21 at 16:00 UTC, Sergio González, author of the book Pokémon: History and evolution of a phenomenon, is to take beloved fans on a journey through the franchises entire history. A description of the event can be seen below:


Pokémon Gamepolis

The Pokémon phenomenon is fundamental to understanding a large part of the videogame industry. The second best-selling saga in the history of this medium serves as a pillar to understand the language established among millions of people who, for some reason, establish a non-verbal bond that everyone understands in their own way. 

More than 300 million units sold worldwide, 23,600 million cards distributed and the ability to absorb audiences of all ages. Sergio González will speak to us about the origin of Pokémon, revealing the sources that gave form to the social phenomenon confirmed that the construction of that idea is far from having said its last word. His idiosyncrasy and philosophy have been key to this phenomenon has become a universal language.

Pokémon: history and evolution of a phenomenon of Sergio González invites the reader to know the construction of the license from its origins; understand that language knowing those who have made it possible with data, anecdotes, curiosities and the growth experienced in all generations to date including their other cultural derivatives. Whether you are an unconditional Pokémon lover or want to better understand the development of the video game through a mass phenomenon, this is your conference. We wait for you in the biggest videogame festival in Andalusia.


 Miketendo64 will be attending Gamepolis next month and will be sure to share the experience with you via tweets, videos and photos and continue to keep you update on any further news that drops in the meantime.



Source: Gamepolis

By Jack Longman

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