Donkey Kong Adventure DLC

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle will be receiving its biggest bout of DLC yet. It is said to contain about 10 hours of gameplay with a new world that is twice the size of a world in the original game. It also has brand new music and, new gameplay and different combat mechanics The DLC was never meant to be as big as it was and thanks to an Interview with Eurogamer, Soliani spoke in-depth about the development of the Donkey Kong Adventure DLC and what it’s like to work with the legendary Grant Kirkhope.

Donkey Kong Adventure DLC

Here is what Soliani had to say about the DLC:

“We reprioritised ourselves. It was going to be a small experience, two to three hours, one world. But in the end, it is almost half of the main game. In the main game you have 27 minutes of cinematics. DK has 20. In the main game you have four worlds, this is one but it is as big as two. It’s 10 hours of gameplay. We’ve put everything in – all our passion.

Grant has added 45 minutes of new music. It was a nightmare to make him work for 45 minutes – he’s not used to work. He’s a little bit of a diva, a little bit of a slacker.

We wanted to change the feeling of the game as well. No battle is equal to another. Our programmers, when I told them, started to panic because it meant we’d have to rework from scratch the combat system. But it was worth it. People who’ve tried it say it feels different. Now I’m anxious about the player reaction. I always am.”

“We still have loads of ideas. We used one tenth of the ideas. But now the DLC is done… what I can say is we are working out, for the future… [pauses] who knows!”


Source: Eurogamer

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