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Although Mario Tennis Aces is not due for release until June 22, a copy of the upcoming Switch title, has made it into public hands and the box has something interesting to say.

According to a message on the back of the box, there is a 2GB download required, which is for “additional online functionality (tournaments) and additional languages (Chinese and Korean.)” So, if you were thinking of getting Aces straight from the eShop, you’d be right to do so, as although it’s 1.8GB to download, with the patch, it only becomes 1.9GB as reported by Eurogamer, after seeing our original tweet relating to this subject.


Until the patch notes for the update arrive, all we can offer you now, are 2 photos and you can see them right here:

Mario Tennis

There is something we do have to say though that is important. Although the embargo for the game has lifted, spoilers have made their way to YouTube in the form of all of the game’s Bosses and the ending, so if you are trying to avoid spoilers, tread carefully.



Source: @WrasslinFan95 (Twitter) via @CrocOclock 1 & 2 (Twitter)


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