*Warning! This Post Contains Information That May Be Considered As “Spoilers.” If You Would Not Like To Know What The Reward Is, Look Away Now.

The update has only been out for a few days and the Luigi’s Balloon World update in Super Mario Odyssey has already been “Completed.” Twitter user @TAHK0 has grinded his way up to Rank 50 and has succesfully beaten the Balloon Hiding/Finding minigames. @TAHK0 has posted on his Twitter account about his achievement and what happens afterwards.

Luigi acknowledges your accomplishments for reaching the top rank and his balloons also changed colour… to Gold, much like the Odyssey’s Sail changes to gold after collecting all 999 power moons. It isn’s a huge reward in the sense of the word but it could be considered rewarding for those that have reached this prestigous rank.

Congratulations to garrett AKA @TAHK0 on his accomplishment and for sharing it online for all to see.

Source: @TAHK0 (Twitter)

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