After the recent Meet Team Rainbow Rocket Trailer, new details have emerged about which legendary Pokémon you can encounter in Pokémon Ultra Sun & Pokémon Ultra Moon. Certain Pokémon are version exclusive and we have included a list of which Pokémon you can find in which version beneath the image.

Pokemon Ultra Sun

– Ho-Oh
– Raikou
– Groudon
– Latios
– Dialga
– Heatran
– Reshiram
– Tornadus
– Xerneas

Pokemon Ultra Moon

– Lugia
– Entei
– Kyogre
– Latias
– Palkia
– Regigigas
– Zekrom
– Thundurus
– Yveltal

Some Pokémon can only be found after having two particular Pokémon in your party, These include;

– Suicune (with Raikou and Entei present)
– Rayquaza (with Groudon and Kyogre present)
– Giratina (with Dialga and Palkia present)
– Kyurem (with Reshiram and Zekrom present)
– Landorus (with Tornadus and Thundurus present)

By Mike Scorpio

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