Did you know that as well as being a reviewer, a feature writer and Editor-in-Chief of Miketendo64 that I, Jack Longman, aka Jacktendo92 am also a published author? An author with more than one series of books under my belt?

Not everyone does and because I do like to write, especially fiction, I thought I would do something special for #StreetFighterWeek and that something is writing an original fan fiction Street Fighter story and today you get to read that story:


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The Fall of a Champion:

Tired and fatigued from a gruelling quarter-final battle with Guile, Ryu wanted nothing more than to fall to his bed and call it a night, but Ken insisted otherwise.

“Come on Ryu, we’ve made it to the World Championship Semi Finals! We should celebrate!” Ken cried as he led his friend down a darkened path to the only bar around in a 12 mile vicinity.

Ryu did try his best to talk Ken out of their little excursion, but Ken wasn’t having any of it. Sure he was hurting a little bit too from his fight with Cammy, but he wouldn’t admit it any time soon.

Just like Ryu, he too had entered the World Championship and although the two started out as enemies during their brawl in the preliminary rounds, they soon found a deep level of respect for one other both as fighters, and as human beings.

Both of them are desperate to earn the title of World Champion, but knowing who was in their way of reaching such a title, the two started to train with one another. Each one learning the other’s techniques and sparring as much as they could in-between their fights with everyone else in the competition, but despite all their training, they were worried.

Ken had seen first-hand how fast a quick learner Ryu is and caught on pretty quickly to the fact that if he met Ryu again in a true contest, like the one that awaits him the next day, as he and Ryu must face off in their Semi Final fight, he would lose.

Ryu on the other hand wasn’t much concerned about it. Sure he didn’t want to lose to his friend, but he didn’t want to beat him to a pulp either. What did scare him though was the fact Bison was still in the competition and is the crowd’s favourite to win.

He also knew there was something off about the man and his suspicions were confirmed when Bison revealed to the world that if he made it to the Finals and won, he would take his army and invade the countries that birthed all those he met and defeated during the Championship.

There’s no way I will let a villainous leach like him destroy my home!

Ryu’s only consolation was the fact that before Bison could even reach the Finals is if he bet Chun-Li in his own Semi Final battle and since the female fighter had won the tournament for the last three years in a row, it would not be a simple affair and yet, Ryu was still worried.

Ignoring the orange juice he had placed in front of him, Ryu turned his gaze to the single TV screen in the dingy African bar Ken dragged him too.

Unlike his and Ken’s fight that was scheduled to take place the next day, Bison and Chun-Li were brawling that very second and what he saw caused a gasp to escape his lips.

Chun-Li went from dominating her brawl, to losing it, as Bison shot her a swift jab to her solar plexus, followed by a solid hook that connected with her nose.

The break was instant.

Half the gathered crowd in the bar cried in outrage. While most of them were locals, others were fighters who had already been eliminated and harboured a great deal of respect for Chun-Li.

Sure they could have departed and gone back to their homes across the globe, but at the end of the day, neither one of them could deny the very essence of who they are and that is Fighters. Their fight may be over, but there was no way they could just leave, not while the competition was still in effect.

The action called to them way too much. Plus there was the fact that as entrants, despite the fact they are no longer contending, they were entitled to certain benefits such as free drinks and on that night, both Cammy and Guile were hitting the bottle a little too hard.

Clearly losing didn’t agree with the pair.

But Ryu refused to pay them much notice. How could he when Bison just grabbed Chun-Li by her head and threw her face first into the pavement? Just then the camera closed in and Chun-Li’s face was a mess. Blood was splattered and teeth were missing, but she wasn’t done yet.

She picked herself back up and started to fight back.

Within seconds Bison didn’t know what hit him. He went from winning to having a woman pummel on him from every direction, but that didn’t concern him for he knew he could take a punch.

He could take a lot of them.

So instead he laughed and just as soon as Chun-Li got a little too over-confident, he broke her arm and then her leg.

“Ryu, are you seeing this?” Ken cried.

Refusing to give Bison the satisfaction of her crying out in pain, Chun-Li held back her tears and tried to continue the fighting, but it was just no good.

“Yes Ken, I’m seeing this.”

“It’s over isn’t it?”

“Yes Ken, it is.” Ryu replied in an even tone.

Both of them, like everyone else in the room, watched transfixed as Bison delivered his finishing blow, a dastardly leg sweep that brought Chun-Li down on top of a fire hydrant.

The battle was over and if Chun-Li’s spine had been broken, her fight would be forever over, but luckily for her, no such life-long injury did occur. She was however in no fit condition to resume battling.

Bison had won and everyone cried in outrage.

None of them had ever thought they’d see the day the likes of Chun-Li lost, especially to the likes of Bison, but even though they watched it happen, they disbelieved their eyes.

Ken and Ryu fixed each other a worried glance, as they each downed their drink.

It wasn’t just a Semi Final that awaited them the next day, but a terrible responsibility.

Whichever one of them wins, would have to fight Bison and they would have to win.

Unable to say anything, they accepted what was asked of them as they stood up, shook hands and went their separate ways. Tomorrow they would fight to see who is stronger and the day after, one of them would fight to save the world and while Ken believed he is at a disadavangted, the battlefield was about to be tipped to his advantage in the worst of ways.


To be Continued?

*          *          *          *          *


Yes that’s right! “To be Continued?” I am ending this piece of fan fiction with a cliff-hanger. Why? Why not? Not every story has an ending, not this one anyway, so if you would like to see it continue, here’s an idea, why don’t you continue it? I have set the stage, what happens next can be down to you? Or you could simply show your support for this story and a certain Part 2 may or may not also be posted this week. Your call! Either way, it’s #StreetFighterWeek baby and there’s still plenty more to come!



By Jack Longman

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