[Random] Victory will Need to be “Reeled” in for Sun & Moon’s 7th Global Mission

As one Global Mission ends, sure enough details for the next one soon come and that is precisely what has happened today!


But just before we mention what the next mission will consist of, having succeeded the 6th Global Mission, all participating players can head over to the Festival Plaza and collect their reward of 2,000/4,000 FC. As regards to the prize of a Level Ball for harvesting 3,000,000 Poké Beans, the Level Ball and Rare Candy rewards will be distributed later on via Serial Code on the Pokémon Global Link. (Still players should get at least 2 Level Balls what with harvesting over 75 million Poké Beans but that’s just my opinion.)


With regards to the new mission, it will begin on the 30th of May, there is no end date given just yet and it requires players to successfully fish for Pokémon at Rare Fishing spots (the ones that bubble.)


I know that’s a bit vague, but it’s all we have at this time. We’ll be back with an update just as soon as we know more, but until then, that’s your lot!


Until next time, go Catch ‘em all Trainers!



Source: Serebii


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