We knew it was comingm the Hellhounds that call themselves Nintendo’s Lawyers  have issued a Takedown notice to Winter Drake who created the fan project Zelda: Breath Of The NES after inspiration from the 2D Demo that members of Nintendo’s development team used for presentation purposes whilst working on Zelda: Breath Of The Wild. It is quite a shame but that’s how it goes with these fan projects, Thought Really Nintendo should be hiring these people rather than shooting them down. The creator Winter Drake did say that he would continue with the project even if he was issued takedown notice but he would change assets to his own creation to avoid further issues. He was also courteous enough to share the notice on his Twitter account.

Source: @WinterDrakeDev (Twitter)

By Mike Scorpio

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6 thoughts on “Zelda: Breath Of The NES Demo Gets Issued Cease & Desist Notice”
  1. If Nintendo hired everyone who made a fan game, then people would purposely make fan games all the time, you really can’t fault Nintendo for not doing so.

    1. That is true, but it I feel it is more the money hung,ry ,d
      that are at fault, abusing their power and actually hurt Nintendo’s fan base more than those using their IP’s

      1. You also have to consider that all the recent fan games that were taken down were generating money directly. Ones on Gamejolt, like AM2R generate money because of the ads on the page and 30% of that revenue goes directly to the dev, BOTNES had an option to pay for the game directly on the download button. It may have not been their intentions, but they were profiting on Nintendo’s IP, without Nintendo’s permission.

        1. That is indeed a justifiable cause for the C&D but is it no wonder why people do these fan projects? To help fill that need for other fans get that new metroid game they have been longing for (for example). Much like the the great depression, where people resorted to make moonshine because alcohol was banned.

          1. I mean, I’ve personally considered making a few fan games too, I doubt we will ever see a new startropics or crystalis, but hey, we all know what will happen to it. Its a sad thing to see, but there isn’t much anyone can do with it.

        2. I neither agree or disagree with it but you can help but accept that it is the way of life.

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