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After reading that title, you maybe be thinking “but the Nintendo Switch doesn’t have a Miiverse” and you’re right to do so, but read on and all will be clear.


So while the Switch may not use/support the Miiverse, the Wii U and 3DS sure does and it seems a few new Switch owners have tried sharing their new Friend Code via Miiverse as an official announcement came along and advised the Switch owners against doing so and we’ve got a photo of said announcement, right here:


To those who read the date, yes the post is old, so a few of you could have seen it already, but where I’ve been Switch directed last month, I’ve had next to no time to enjoy my 3DS, Wii U and Miiverse. It was only because I signed in this morning to do the weekly Sign in to Miiverse My Nintendo mission that I saw it, so I apologise for the tardiness. I dropped the ball on that front, but the fact does remain the same. The Miiverse is advising Switch owners not to share their Friend Codes and that advisement still holds weight now.


But next time something like this happens, we will try to catch it earlier on. Thank you for reading.


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