With the announcement of a second Voting Gauntlet made public via an in-game notification, the time to choose our chosen Rider/Knight is vastly approaching (event begins April 5th) but before we even have to cast our vote, the chance to Summon them has arrived.


Two new Focus Banners have been added with Wyvern Riders being the focus of one and Pegasus Knights being the focus of the other and because it can sometimes be a little hard to decide between which banner to go for, we have compiled all the newly provided data on the eight Heroes characters and have it right here to share with all of you! Enjoy:


*All data found below includes the Hero/Heroine’s name, a quick description and the skills they can learn when they reach 5 and the official notification about each banner:


We hope the provided information helps you with your decision with regards to which banner is the best one to go for.



Source: Fire Emblem Heroes (Mobile app)

By Jack Longman

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