[Reminder] The Next Contender is… Grand Hero Navarre (Fire Emblem Heroes)

Fun fact, while the second Voting Gauntlet is set to get underway on the 5th of April, tomorrow will see the next Grand Hero Battle begin, and this time, it’s against Grand Hero Navarre.


Beating him will of course add him to our line-up of Heroes and should players current teams not be tough enough to take him down, than maybe the new Focus Banner Heroes will. Heroes such as Caeda, Effie, Kagero and Sophia, but you will need some serious luck on your side if you wish to pull all four in a single 20 Orbs for 5 Heroes summoning session, so get ready to spend a ton of Orbs if you wish to catch them all, as they will not be sticking around for ever.


As with regards to our coverage of the event, which as usual will consist of everything, it will be later than usual, but it is coming nonetheless and just in case you have forgotten who we will be facing closer to the end of the month, it is of course Zephiel and that concludes today’s reminder. See you tomorrow for more Fire Emblem Heroes goodness.


Source: @FE_Heroes_JP (Twitter)


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