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Nintendo Switch First Weekend Impressions

Aywren Sojourner: Gaming and Geek Life

So I’ve spent a weekend putting my new Switch to the test and forming an opinion on the system as a whole. I’ll preface this by saying that I’ve read a number of instances of people having issues — from scratching the screen while docking to dead pixels to blue screens of death and skinning messing up the system’s finishing.

These are all really unfortunate situations, but I will report that on my end, I haven’t seen any of these problems. I’ve been super careful while docking my system, and have already purchased a screen protector (which should arrive Wednesday). I’ve played my Switch several hours every day, and thus far, everything has gone just fine.

Switch Hardware

The Switch itself is just a tablet with a dock and the ability to hook up to controllers on either end. While this is exactly what I expected, it’s still a little…

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