Nintendo Switch Sells Almost Twice as Many Units as the Wii U in the UK During Launch Weekend

Last week, the day many of us had been waiting for had arrived and the Nintendo Switch finally went on sale and sell it did.


We’ve already heard reports from various GameStop stores stating stores were packed as gamers were desperate to get their hands on a Switch to call its own, but over in the UK, the Nintendo Switch sold around 80,000 units during its launch weekend (Friday the 3rd through to the day’s end on Sunday the 5th of March.) While that number is low compared to the UK launch sales for PlayStation 4 (around 250,000) and Xbox One (around 150,000) but it is close to being twice as much as Wii U sales as the Wii U managed to get 40,000.

However compared to what most handhelds got during that period, the Switch has done rather well for itself as it outsold the PS Vita, and the DS, but the 3DS still has the edge as it sold 113,000. Still, it was a good effort and it will be interesting to find out just how well the console did when the official international results are “published.” So that’s something to look forwards to!




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