Link Breath of the Wild Amiibo Review

Kuribo reviews one of the most anticipated Amiibo in quite some time. Is Archer Link worthy of your shelf? Find out in the newest review!

After a long week of work, I looked forward to picking up some of the new Zelda Amiibo to review here on the site.  I work close to a Best Buy and a Target so I figured Best Buy would have all of the Amiibo I needed. To my surprise, they were almost completely wiped out of Zelda Amiibo.  A single Guardian and a single Bokoblin was all that was left!  Since I figured many of you would be interested in a Guardian review, I purchased it and worried that maybe the Zelda Amiibo would not be so easy to get on release day.  Fortunately, Target had nearly all of the Amiibo and they were well-stocked too.  I now assume that the Zelda Amiibo should be easy to get since they are supporting a huge game release but your experiences may vary depending on where you shop.  Hoefully, this brief…

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