Thanks to a recent GameXplain video, we know have a pretty good idea as to what the Breath of the Wild amiibo do in-game, but now thanks to an official posting on the Japanese site, we now know their full uses, as well as insight on other amiibo do.

Below you can find a quick rundown of the new information, plus functionality for amiibo we previously learned, followed by a bunch of photos pertaining to the Breath of the Wild amiibo:

  • Link (Archer): Tapping this amiibo enables the player to get items such as meat, fish and weaponary in the form of various bows and arrows.
  • Link (Rider): Tapping this amiibo allows the player to collect mushrooms, swords and even materials and items that can be used for your horse.
  • Zelda: Instead of weapons, tapping this amiibo can see you rewarded with a shields and flowers.
  • Bokoblin: Tapping this amiibo rewards the player with a chest containing meat and weaponry the Bokoblin genuinely prefer.
  • Guardian: This amiibo allows the player to get ancient materials, but players “must see for themselves what these do in game.”
  • Wolf Link & Midna: Allows Link to roam around Hyrule, with a companion in the form of Wolf Link from Twilight Princess, until the Wolf dies.
  • 8-Bit Link: Tapping this amiibo rewards you with a random amount of dropping barrels that may contain rupees.
  • Ocarina of Time Link: This amiibo rewards you with a random amount of meat.
  • Toon Link: Opposite to the Ocarina of Time Link amiibo, instead of giving you meat, this amiibo gives you fish.
  • Wind Waker Zelda: While this amiibo doesn’t give the players shields, like the Breath if the Wild Zelda amiibo, she does enable the players to get a random selection of plants.
  • Any Zelda amiibo from the Smash Bros. Series: Using anyone of these amiibos, chests that appear are said to contain “special items.”
  • Using any other amiibo: Chests that appear contain things like fruit and meat.

 *While there is no limit to how many amiibo that can be scanned a day, each amiibo can only be scanned once.


Just think, it’s only a week to go now!


Source: Nintendo

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