With the Fire Emblem Direct schedule to kick off tomorrow, reported to give Fire Emblem Warriors the coverage it deserves, it seems there might be more Fire Emblem news in store for us.

While it would be great to hear about the mobile Fire Emblem game which is rumoured to be further along than the smartphone Animal Crossing game and a February release planned (remember it’s just a rumour), instead we might just learn of Nintendo’s plans to bring Fire Emblem Fates: Revelation to the Nintendo Switch.


According to Nintendo Everything, NeoGaf, user Mr. Pointy was searching through the source code on the Nintendo Fire Emblem Warriors webpage, whereupon he discovered an image/link for “Fire Emblem Fates: Revelation for Nintendo Switch. Interestingly enough though, only Revelation was discovered as there was no listing for Birthright or Conquest, but it would make sense for Nintendo to bring this particular instalment to the Nintendo Switch.

Not only would Fire Emblem work rather well on the Switch, it would look good on it too, but as far as Revelation is concerned, it’s is the codenamed Pokémon Stars to the Gen VII. Nintendo are reportedly bringing that to their new console. So yeah, it does make sense to bring Revelations as well, as it would provide an incentive for some 3DS owners to make the upgrade, much like how Splatoon 2 is an incentive to some Splatoon fans with a Wii U to also Switch it up in March.

Revelations on Switch would be something of a system seller, but with Fire Emblem Warriors releasing later on this year, Revelations would be the perfect game to familiarise gamers with characters from Fire Emblem, specifically the Fates characters and get them even more interested in Warriors. Plus after no news as far as the Corrin amiibo is concerned, launching a ported Fire Emblem title would be the perfect time to bring out said amiibo instead of waiting to bring it out alongside Warriors.


Regardless though, this is all just rumours and my own explanation for why it would work, but with a bit of luck, we’ll know for sure tomorrow before the presentation ends tomorrow. Although this rumour is probably the kind to get debunked so don’t put too much faith in it.


Source: Nintendo Everything

By Jack Longman

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