A new year is here and Apple have taken the time to put out a post entitled App Store Shatters Records on New Year’s Day.

But why is this post so important, well among the few things that did get mentioned, Apple revealed Pokémon GO as the most downloaded app from the App Store worldwide. Although to be honest, it’s not that much of a surprise, since the app did dominate the world and social media in the first few months that followed its release, but it is still quite an achievement, but I will tell you what is.

While Pokémon GO took the top spot, Super Mario Run also placed within the top 10 most downloaded App Store apps worldwide and Super Mario Run didn’t even come out until halfway through December. Had it have released sooner, we may have seen a different number one app, but with two confirmed Nintendo mobile apps set to release before March, it will be most interesting to see how they do compared to Super Mario Run, but 2018 will have those answers and we’ve only just entered 2017.


Source: Apple


By Jack Longman

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