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As far as Pokémon G0 is concerned, we are never short of rumours, especially rumours of a certain Gen 2/Pokémon GO/Starbucks event.

When we first learned of a ‘leaked email’ pertaining to the event (leaked by a Starbucks employee), the leak was met with a lot of doubt since where it should have said Pokémon, it said Pokéman. We could have done an article on the rumour, but because we found it so uncredible, we chose to leave it, only a new leak seems to say a very similar thing the previous leak did.

Another rumour of the Starbucks related event supposedly starting this week Thursday. Think it's legit?

If the rumours are true, the update which will see Gen 2 Pokémon become available, is set to be out by Thursday the 8th which is also the day Starbucks will be teaming up with Niantic as they distribute a very special Pokémon related beverage and Starbucks stores across the US, become Gyms and PokéStops.

While this second email is more credible than the first one and verified Starbucks employees are saying it is true, until Niantic or even The Pokémon Company make an official announcement regarding all of this, it is of course a rumour, so take it with a grain of salt.


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