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A lot of you Gamers, especially Nintendo fans, will no doubt know that today is a very special day as it is the Jewel in Nintendo’s Crown, Shigeru Miyamoto’s 64th birthday. We at Miketendo64 would just like to give a big shout out to the Creative Fellow who has created some of the most iconic and memorable characters and videogames of all time. His games have forever had a place in our hearts and our homes and it is has been a privelige to play such amazing and extraordinary games that have spawned by such an imaginative person. Shigeru Miyamoto also shares the same Birthday as my Granddad funnily enough, yet my granddad who is also called Michael, is a good few years older than Shiggy. Here’s To You Shiggy (and you Granddad), I hope you have an incredible day today, Happy Birthday!

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