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A live performance in France and an album releasing on the 13th of July! Clearly the Squid Sisters are not messing around and aim to dominate the music scene on a Global scale, but exactly what songs can we expect to see from this album?


Well Splatoon Live in Makuhari, is a CD comprised of songs taken from their 1st and 2nd live performance and none live versions of the same songs & more. For anyone who has not seen any footage whatsoever of the girls in action, here’s official footage from their performance at Chokaigi 2016 and details on the full listing of songs available on the album:

Splatoon Live in Makuhari:

  1. Opening? MC1 (From the 1st Live Performance)
  2. Ink Me Up (From the 1st Live Performance)
  3. Now or Never! (From the 1st Live Performance)
  4. MC2 (From the 1st Live Performance)
  5. City of Colour (From the 1st Live Performance)
  6. MC3 (From the 1st Live Performance)
  7. Maritime Memory (From the 1st Live Performance)
  8. MC4 (From the 1st Live Performance)
  9. Calamari Inkantation (From the 1st Live Performance)
  10. Opening? MC1 (From the 2nd Live Performance)
  11. Ink Me Up (From the 2nd Live Performance)
  12. Now or Never! (From the 2nd Live Performance)
  13. MC2 (From the 2nd Live Performance)
  14. Callie’s solo – TokimekiBomb Rush (From the 2nd Live Performance)
  15. Maries solo Sumisoae no Yoru (From the 2nd Live Performance)
  16. MC3 (From the 2nd Live Performance)
  17. City of Colour (From the 2nd Live Performance)
  18. MC4 (From the 2nd Live Performance)
  19. Maritime Memory (From the 2nd Live Performance)
  20. MC5 (From the 2nd Live Performance)
  21. Calamari Inkantation (From the 2nd Live Performance)
  22. Ink Me Up
  23. Now or Never!
  24. Callie’s solo – TokimekiBomb Rush
  25. Maries solo Sumisoae no Yoru
  26. City of Colour
  27. Maritime Memory
  28. Calamari Inkantation
  29. High Colour News Title Call
  30. SE: Voice (Callie) Surprise
  31. SE: Voice (Callie) Closing Words
  32. SE: Voice (Callie) Laughter
  33. SE: Voice (Callie) Excitement
  34. SE: Voice (Marie) Greeting
  35. SE: Voice (Marie) Announcement
  36. SE: Voice (Marie) Half-hearted answer
  37. SE: Voice (Marie) Excitement
  38. City of Colour (Shy-Ho-Shy Demo)
  39. Splattack! ~ Friend List (Fall 2015 PV)
  40. Splattack! (New Stage Dancing)


For any Callie & Marie fan out there, this album is clearly a must-have item, but if you are looking to get it for yourself, you will need to import it because as of this moment, only Japan is looking to receive the album. Should this change however, we’ll be sure to report otherwise.


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