As with every Zelda game, there is always a never ending video content of theories concerning a series that has been with us for the last 30 years and sure not all of these theories have turned out to be true, but some of them are just so well thought out that we find ourselves wishing they could be true and for me, this is one of those theories.


When it comes to Breath of the Wild’s story, we know next to nothing and the same could be said about Link. Who is he? A Link we’ve seen before or a new Link entirely? Well, with the Hyrule Historia to hand, Nathan Wooten, not only has an idea as to who this Link is, but has a very compelling argument to back up his theory of Link being the Hero of Time from Ocarina of Time. But it’s not all about Link, because Nathan goes one better and determines where Breath of the Wild falls into the timeline, and with so many theories leading back to the Downfall Timeline, this one is no exception. But instead of being theorised to take place after Zelda II: Adventure of Link, Nathan theories Breath of the Wild happens a lot sooner in the Downfall Timeline. Now I could tell you myself exactly where he puts it, but if I did that, you’d have no reason to watch this brilliant theory, so I’m going to shut my pie hole and let Nathan take it from here on out:




(Warning! The following video is a Zelda theory regarding Breath of the Wild, by Nathan Wooten. All views, opinions and theories expressed here are entirely his own!)

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By Jack Longman

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