Bad news guys and girls, not only has the theme for the next Splatfest been announced, but it’s also been announced the Splatfest that will kick off on July 22nd will also be the last one!

I am as shocked as most of you, considering how much of an impact Spatfest has had. Sure Callie and Marie have helped make the game what it is and boost its popularity but so has the free content and with both finally being put to bed next month, just how long will Splatoon continue to last without them? Don’t get me wrong, Splatoon is a good game and next month new amiibo will become available for it, but without the Splatfest events, which started last July, new players will actually be less likely to purchase this game, since the online competition aspect of it will be no more and no more updates either. In short, has Nintendo’s decision on this just shortened Splatoon’s lifespan? Probably yeah, but there’s also good news.

“Good news?” You may wonder, well by finally putting Splatoon to be bed, Nintendo are now more likely to put out a sequel a lot sooner, so that Splatoon port for the NX, could now go on to become a sequel instead, a sequel we can expect to get our hands on in 2017, although 2018 would be best. Still I can’t help but think that if maybe Nintendo spent a little less time organising concerts for Callie and Marie (their next one being in France next month,) then maybe some more focus would have stayed with Splatoon and Splatfests would continue for another couple of months.


Sadly though the decision has been set, there will be one more Splatfest, but at least it is going out with a bang because it is a Splatfest I have been wanting for a long time and it is Callie vs Marie. That’s right, this time the side we have to pick is which Squid Sister we prefer more! Even better is the fact that this time round, the three stages that are to be used during the Splatfest, are to actually be decided by us, the games. To those with a Nintendo Network ID account, Nintendo are sending out emails for us to vote on which stages we want, but in order to get in on this, you will have to vote sharpish as voting ends on the 12th of July.

For more Splatoon news on any of this, be sure to visit us again at a later date, as we will be following all this closely.


Source: Splatoonus (Tumblr)

By Jack Longman

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