Another E3 interview with a Nintendo representative and once again it is with Nintendo of America President, Reggie Fils-Aime. During the interview with the The Verge, Reggie was asked why Breath of the Wild is different to previous titles in the long standing series and would the western aspects of the game even appeal to the Japanese audience. Both responses and a direct quote from the interview, can be found below:


“We think we’ve struck a chord, and we’ve struck a chord with what is a very important franchise for us. A franchise that is going to be key to our long-term success.”


Reggie on Formula:

“The Zelda formula is well known, you continue down a path, you battle in a dungeon, you get an item, you’re going to need that item for the next dungeon, and so forth. We think that for today’s player… that formula potentially needed to be upended — that we needed to introduce new elements in order to bring new players in. But we needed to do it thoughtfully in order to maintain the current player.”


Reggie on Western Appeal:

“Behaviourally, the Japanese home market and the West, aren’t so different that the tastes are fundamentally polar. A great example of this is Splatoon. [An online multiplayer shooter is] something that you would associate with the West, and yet in Japan the amount of players playing Splatoon, the amount of games sold relative to the install base of Wii U, is better than the US performance. It all comes down to this: is it fun? Is it compelling? Is it unique? Does it provide something to the player that they really relate to?”


To see the whole article and the questions that warranted these responses before to click here, or use the link below:

Source: Andrew Webster of The Verge

By Jack Longman

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