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It is of course the month of June, which means it is time to add the latest #Pokemon20 Monthly Mythical Pokémon to your collection and had you have missed the Mew giveaway back in February, as long as you in Europe or Australia, you could get your hands on one this very day!

While North America have to wait for a Mew code to come out via the Pokémon Trainer Club newsletter, those of us in Europe and Australia can get our missing Mew a whole lot sooner thanks to a serial code which is:


All you need to do (if you are not sure,) is boot up your X&Y, or ORAS game and click on Mystery Gift. Then click Receive Gift and proceed by clicking Get Via Code. Make sure you input the serial code shown above and provided you didn’t get the Mew previously, you will be able to get it now. Just make sure when all is done and you’ve accepted your gift that you collect Pokémon from the delivery girl at any of the Pokémon Centres. And being as how Manaphy is also available now, make sure you head back to Mystery Gift, Receive Gift and click Get Via Internet.

Unlike the Mew serial code, no end date has yet been given, but Manaphy however is only going to be available until the 24th of June, so if you don’t get it before then, then unless Nintendo provide a second opportunity later on down the line, you’ll have missed out on Manaphy entirely. You’ll also miss out on the opportunity to breed a Phione as well as a Manaphy can be used along with a Ditto to breed the Manaphy offspring, so act fast dear trainers, time is of the essence.

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