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For fans of mystery costumes, sorry guys there was no new costume this week, but there was a new update though so at least that is something. Yes it may not be a big update with all new mechanics like we saw in March, but it’s something.

So just what does this new free update consist of? Well we’ve got the patch notes from Nintendo to explain it all for you:


  • The Star Ranking list in Course World has been changed to display courses that have received the most stars relative to the number of people who have played them.
  • Previously, when searching for courses in the Star Ranking list, results could be set to either “Weekly” or “All-Time” but will now be limited to “All-Time.”
  • “Super Expert” difficulty has been added to the difficulty filters when searching for courses.


Sure it’s not exactly the best update in the world but at least Nintendo are continuing to add to the game at every opportunity, but just bear in mind the update is necessary if you wish to continue using the online features of Super Mario Maker and that the update requires an additional 324MB.2.jpg

Source: (How to Update Super Mario Maker)

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