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Last week we had the pleasure to write about Humble Bundle and their latest bundle, (Humble Friends of Nintendo Bundle,) but even before a full week has managed to pass, the success of the bundle has warranted a follow up!

I was waiting until the new games come out tomorrow so I could write about them, which will become immediately available to all those who donated more than $13 dollars, but it seems that charity and gaming really do go hand in hand because already over $1 million dollars have been donated to what is such a great cause. Over 100.000 bundles have been brought, with the average purchase being $9.75 cents.

2016-05-02 (1).png

Although not all of the money will go straight to the charities, unless of course everyone who donated chose the option of their money solely going to the charities and not the likes of the developers. Still this is really great of Humble Bundle to organise something like this and the games are a decent bunch, I’m really enjoying the ones I’ve received, how about you? Have you got yours yet or have you still yet to donate? If it is a case of the later, you might want to rethink that because even if you don’t want the codes for yourself, it is just $13 dollars for everything and you can easily give the codes you receive for the games to friends or family.

Be sure to check back sometime tomorrow for our next Humble Bundle related piece where we will reveal the next games that are being added to the line-up.


Source: Humble Bundle (Humble Friends of Nintendo Bundle)

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