Beta testing in Japan continues and a few of those who were lucky enough to partake have taken to to give us the latest details.

You can see a list of a few key points below, with all the complete details available for viewing via the source link, but just be aware that there is quite a lot to go through so be sure to save yourself time to read all the details over at

  • Attacking: Tap the screen for a quick attack, or hold your finger on the screen for a charge attack.
  • Stamina: There is a stamina bar, which is displayed beneath your health bar. Stamina is consumed when attacking and refills 20% every second.
  • Being Attacked: Incoming attacks are indicated by a red crosshair, which closes in on your Pokémon, thus giving you the chance to dodge the attack, by swiping left or right.
  • Type Advantage: As expected from a “main” Pokémon game, type advantage is still a thing and will enable your fire-type to do more damage against an ice-type. Also making it into the game is text messages such as: “It’s not very effective” and “It’s super effective!”
  • Health Recovery: Damage sustained from during training battles is not recovered immediately after so you will need to heal up after the battle. The same is expected with standard battles, but nothing has yet been said.
  • Training Battles: Players are pitted against compute player Pokémon, and all battles take place in real time. So if you’re expecting battling like we’ve seen from all the main games, wipe that thought as these battles are an all-out brawl.
  • Taking a Gym: If a Gym has yet to be claimed, you can easily drop off one of your Pokémon to claim it for yourself. You can even fight yourself by taking on the Pokémon you chose to leave behind in order to train your other Pokémon. Just be sure to not leave your strongest Pokémon at the Gym, otherwise training will not go as you planned.
  • Catching a Pokémon: Berries can be used to feed the Pokémon you intend to catch to raise your chances of catching it. Berries can only be used once per encounter. There are even different colours for the shrinking rings to indicate the difficulty of the catch.
  • Gym Levels: Any Gym you claim for yourself, or already claimed by those on the same team of you, can be levelled up by reaching a set amount of Prestige Points. 500 Prestige points will make a Level 1 Gym Level 2. For Level 3 you need 1000 points and 2000 for Level 4. Beating an opposing team’s Gym will lower the Gyms Prestige Points.


All of the above is by no means all that will be unveiled during beta tests, especially since the field tests are set to take place in Australia and New Zealand this month, but that’s our lot so like we said above, if you want to see a whole lot more, be sure to check out the source article below.

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