From Mario to Link, to Inklings to Pokémon, as always, we’re here to keep you updated on all of the latest news. Below you can catch all of our choice picks of noteworthy news this week. These are the Miketendo64 News Highlights of the week!


Super Mario Maker (VERSION 1.41):

After the release of the big update earlier this month, Super Mario Maker was on the receiving end of a much smaller update, in which saw the Wolf Link costume text get the translation it needed and changes made to in-game performance. Changes in which effect P-switch jumping and as usual, there was another new costume out this week as well and another one announced for the 20th/21st of March.


Source: Gender Equality for All Shrooms! Toadette Comes to Super Mario Maker


NX Rumours (IMAGE LEAK):

With Nintendo still saying nothing as far as the NX is concerned, we’ve had an all new image leak that this time, pertains to the new control for the upcoming console. In no way at all are we to acknowledge this as the true device for the console, but it design is patented by Nintendo, but going by what is shown, very few buttons on an oval shaped device, complete with touch-screen, I really hope this won’t be the finished project. I know the GamePad isn’t all that too look at but given as how we are used to the huge controller, to go from that to something as odd shaped and small as the new possible control, it would be a hard adjustment period and the device is pretty ugly, but that’s just my views on it. You can see the “leaked images” for yourself here:


 Source: Bob Chipman of Screen Rant



We may not have had the chance to see anything of Pokémon GO at the GDC after John Hanke cancelled their own presentation, but we did get to see some of the forthcoming mobile game in action when Hanke of Niantics Lab held a panel at the South by Southwest convention in Austin, Texas. During the panel, footage of Pokémon GO was shared, showing a trainer trying to catch an Ivysaur and when the PokéBalls failed to get the job done, a Master Ball was used instead and Ivysaur was caught. As expected, you can see the footage for yourself here:

Source: Paul Tassi of Forbes


Hyrule Warriors Legends (DLC DETAILS):

Just mere days away from the release of Hyrule Warriors Legends for the Nintendo 3DS, this week we finally got an update on just what kind of dlc we can expect to see for the game and that dlc includes new adventure maps from games such as A Link Between Worlds, Link’s Awakening and even Phantom Hourglass. Not only that, but we were also given the release seasons for each dlc pack and given a price for the multiple Season Pass packages for those in Europe. For the full details, be sure to check out our source article.


Source: DLC Details for Hyrule Warriors and Hyrule Warriors Legends!


New Game Announced and Another Released (SONIC BOOM: FIRE & ICE AND POKKéN TOURNAMENT):

This week the game fans all over the world begged for, saw its international release and everone just can’t get enough of the high res, all out battles that could only belong to Pokkén Tournament, but while fans are getting their fill, Sonic fans will get their turn soon enough. Announced by Sega, the latest game in the Sonic Boom franchise is a Nintendo 3DS exclusive, which will release towards the end of September. The game will see the characters we know and love do battle against Dr. Eggman and all new villain, D-Fekt. You can catch the announcement trailer for the game, right here:

And if that’s not enough Sonic for you, Nintendo recently put out a new video for Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games and we have that video right here:

Source: @salromano of Gematsu



For the Wii, the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess was a huge hit and it seems it is bringing its success over to the Wii U as well, since Twilight Princess HD was able to procure over half a million sales within the first week and its estimated the game will round it off to an even million before this month of March ends. But Twilight Princess isn’t the only game we received sales figures for, we received them for the Pokémon games as well. During the last 20 years, not counting the spin-off games, Pokémon has amassed over 200 million units sold. Including the spin-offs that total then becomes 297 million units and with the likes of Pokkén Tournament out this year, along with Pokémon Sun & Moon, an estimated 5 million sales are expected by this time next year. The world of Pokémon really is a financially benefiting one.


Source: Over 200 Million Copies Sold of Pokemon & Twilight Princess HD Sells Over Half a Million Copies



Why feature one review, when you can feature two? For the 3DS, this week we finally finished our review of the classic Pokémon Yellow. All these years later and the game is just as great as it was back when it released all those years ago. But we didn’t just stick to the 3DS this week, because we also found the time to review the latest Zelda remake to be given a Wii U release. Sure not all that much has changed since the original, with very few new ideas and content making it into the finished product, but it is still a fantastic game to play and you can see just what I had to say on it, with the link below, along with our review of Pokémon Yellow:

A Shocking Tale Retold – Pokémon Yellow – Review (3DS)

The Twilight Affair we Just Can’t Get Enough of – The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD – Review (Wii U)

Link 4

But if remasters and re-releases of old games aren’t to your liking, we have a batch of reviews on new games that just might suit your taste buds. Be them games on the Wii U, or the 3DS you can find them below:

Nintendo 3DS Game Reviews

 Nintendo Wii U Game Reviews


And if you’re interested in knowing what is next on our list of games to be reviewed, it is of course the Tekken/Pokémon love child, Pokkén Tournament.




This week on Miketendo64 (NINTENDO DEATHS, MY NINTENDO & POKéMON GO):

It has been a very eventful week here at Miketendo64 with views hitting some high numbers we’re not quite used to, so with that in mind, here are our Top 3 articles .

Taking 3rd place which we would have preferred it didn’t happened as it is a rather unfortunate event is our: Double Tragedy for Pokémon & Professor Layton. In this article, we reported on the tragic deaths of Akira Tago and Eric Medalle. Tago met his end at the age of 90 after a battle with interstitial pneumonia. As for Medalle, his death was the result of a tragic accident, which saw a tree fall on top of his SUV with him inside it. Thankfully his daughter, who was in the vehicle during the accident, walked away with minor injuries.

Prior to their passing, Medalle was a Creative Design Director within the Pokémon Company, whereas Tago was a Puzzle Designer, often credited as the “Puzzle Master” for his work on the Professor Layton series.

Taking 2nd place was of course our news article: Pokémon GO in Action – The SXSW Footage is Here! Our coverage piece of the new and first lot of footage we’ve received of Pokémon GO which was shown at the South by Southwest convention. You can see the short clip for yourself here:

Now as for our Top Spot piece for this week, why it could only be our: My Nintendo is Live (In Japan) article. With both My Nintendo and Miitomo (more on this later), officially released in the east, we took the time to pen a piece on all the revealed rewards Japanese Nintendo gamers can acquire as part of the new account system, My Nintendo. For details on these rewards and how you can get the points to purchase them, be sure to check out the article below, with the others mentioned previously:

1st) My Nintendo is Live (In Japan)

2nd) Pokémon GO in Action – The SXSW Footage is Here!

3rd) Double Tragedy for Pokémon & Professor Layton



Our Big News of the week just had to be Miitomo! Not only was it released in Japan this week, but Nintendo’s first mobile game is proving to be a real hit in the Japanese iOS app store! Currently sitting in the Number #1 spot in free apps, Miitomo has beat off the likes of previous number #1 Puzzle & Dragons Radar and LINE But even then that is nothing, as Miitomo has already amassed over 1 million users in just three days. Free game or not, it is certainly an achievement for the gaming company Nintendo, considering as many were questioning the logic of this Mii orientated, social application. Given the success of it already, all eyes are certainly going to be on Nintendo, what they’ll do next and of course, Miitomo as we wait for the official release in the rest of the world.

Source: Steven Strom of IGN


With both good and bad news this week, it’s certainly been a well-rounded one and with the possibility of more Pokémon GO news next week, with news of Pokémon Sun & Moon to follow in April, there’s certainly going to be something to get us all talking.


By Jack Longman

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