It’s been over two and a half weeks since the last Mario Costume came our way and now we’re getting another one. After a sea of Luigi’s Mansion inspired levels, the good doctor, Professor Elvin Gadd is on his way.



Given the very recent Squid Sisters concert, I half expected that they would be the next costume, #121 but no, it’s the Mad Professor and that in itself is a good result. He’s not limited to just the Luigi Mansion games as he has made other appearances in Mario games such as Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time and Mario Party Advance, just to name a few.



Professor E. Gadd will make his debut appearance in Europe and Japan on the 5th of February (4th of February for North America) and his presence can only mean one thing, we can expect to a lot more Luigi Mansion levels to follow. If you haven’t yet seen his trailer yet, you can check out the Professor below:


By Jack Longman

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