Written  by:  J.H.  Longman

It was just the other week, during the latest Nintendo Direct since extra content for Tri Force Heroes was announced and now, on this 1st of December, we are just a day away from the Den of Trials, oh yeah!


In all honestly, I don’t know what I am more excited about, the fact that we are going to get a whole new range of levels, or the fact that the Fierce Deity armour is going to be among it (along with the ability to shoot in four directions), as well as the Linebeck outfit (which allows you to see what treasure is hidden inside locked chests), although I would hate to go up against someone in coliseum, who has already wearing the costume and just goes to town on me. An outfit such as that (Fierce Deity), should be made denied for use in coliseum battles, people are already using the boomerang suit and sword suit to deliver the damage, whilst newer players have yet to fabricate either one, but to throw that costume in the mix, the battles will become one-sided and no fun whatsoever.


However given as how many new levels are going to be available, 30+ at last count, two new costumes just doesn’t make sense, surely there will be some other ones you can fabricate as all the new levels are bound to have new materials you can earn, so to limit the free update to just two outfits, for a game all about costumes, doesn’t make any sense.  Still as well as new levels, there is also a new gameplay style being implemented so that will be most interesting to find out what it is and just how it affects gameplay.


 Either way, it’s time to get your team together because your true adventure is on its way and if you wish to advance, you will have to beat every enemy you come across.  Will your team emerge victorious? Only one way to find out.

 Till next time folks. Keep up the good fight and Keep on Gaming!




By Jack Longman

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