Want to know how amiibo functionality works with The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and what rewards that can unlock? Well, stick around as we will do exactly that with our The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom amiibo rewards guide.

Disclaimer: The following information comes from YouTuber BloodyBook who has published a video detailing what amiibo unlocks what in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. We have yet to officially confirm this information for ourselves. As soon as we are able to, we will update this guide as necessary. There are also some spoilers ahead regarding amiibo and what they unlock, so please use this guide at your own accord.

Like with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, amiibo can unlock multiple rewards in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. The difference is what items they unlock. In BOTW, you could unlock weapons and also Wolf Link as a companion who would accompany you on your journey around Hyrule. Weapons and Wolf Link do not return in this game, unfortunately, but there are some returning rewards and some new ones.

To start with, scanning the Smash Bros. Link amiibo will unlock Epona, as well as the Twilight Princess tunic. The other Zelda series amiibo will unlock fabrics for your glider and the Link amiibos will also unlock outfits specific to their design and game they are from (Skyward Sword Link will unlock the Skyward Sword tunic, etc.).

Glider Fabric Rewards:

The following rewards can be used by paying Sayge a visit in the Kochi Dye Shop in Hateno Village. Note: You can only have one design on your glider at any one time and will need to pay 20 rupees each time you wish to change it.

  • Tunic of Memories Fabric – BOTW Archer Link
  • Pixel Fabric – 8-bit Link
  • Bokoblin Fabric – Bokoblin
  • Lon Lon Ranch Fabric – Ocarina of Time Link
  • Majora’s Mask Fabric – Majora’s Mask Link
  • Sacred Sword Fabric – Skyward Sword Link
  • Hylian Hood Fabric – BOTW Rider Link
  • Egg Fabric – Link’s Awakening Link
  • Hyrule-Princess Fabric – BOTW Zelda
  • Bygone-Royal Fabric – Wind Waker Zelda
  • Goddess Fabric – Skyward Sword Zelda & Loftwing
  • Sheik Fabric – Smash Bros. Sheik
  • Zora-Champion Fabric – Mipha
  • Goron-Champion Fabric – Daruk
  • Rito-Champion Fabric – Revali
  • Gerudo-Champion Fabric – Urbosa
  • Ancient Sheikah Fabric – Guardian
  • Mirror of Twilight Fabric – Twilight Princess Link/ Smash Bros. Link
  • King of Red Lions Fabric – WW Link/ Smash Bros. Toon Link
  • Princess of Twilight Fabric – Smash Bros. Zelda
  • Demon King Fabric – Smash Bros Ganondorf

Clothing Rewards

The following items you will be able to unlock and put on at any time from the main menu.

  • Fierce Diety Tunic – Majora’s Mask Link
  • Sheik Mask – Smash Bros. Sheik
  • Tunic of Time – Ocarina of Time Link
  • Tunic of Twilight – Twilight Princess Link
  • Tunic of the Sky – Skyward Sword Link
  • Tunic of Wind – Wind Waker Link
  • Tunic of the Hero – 8-bit Link
  • Tunic of Awakening – Link’s Awakening Link
  • Vah Medoh Mask – Revali
  • Vah Naboris Mask – Urbosa
  • Vah Rudania Mask – Daruk
  • Vah Ruta Mask – Mipha

We hope you find this guide useful. If any of the above information is incorrect, we will update it with the appropriate information immediately. Thank you for reading, and until next time, Keep On Gaming!

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