Product Reviewed: H3 Hybrid Wired Digital Gaming Headset
Manufacturer: EPOS
Version Reviewed: H3 Hybrid (Onyx Black)
Retail Price: £149

For a truly immersive experience, it’s not enough just to have an impressive set-up, but having quality sound to go along with any and all gaming sessions and the means of isolating you from the outside world. This is precisely where gaming headphones come into play.

A great pair of headphones are every bit as essential as a controller, because with the right piece of kit, you can block out the outside world completely and focus on what matters most, crisp, surround sound and the means of communicating with your allies, with no back chatter and no interruptions. Sure, they are big and bulky compared to the much smaller and compactable earbuds, but whilst earbuds are effective for the gamer on the go, headsets are the tool for gamers at home.

So, let’s discuss the H3 Hybrid. Like any EPOS product, it comes in an adequately sized box for the product within. With a black gloss finish and minimalistic designs and text that clearly outline what is inside, the box is a work of art, but the real work of art and true magic, is on the inside. With EPOS being the company that they are always seeking to craft elegant devices, capable of delivering excellence in sound to their consumers, it should come across as no surprise that the H3 Hybrid is another elegant produced, crafted with high-quality materials, intended to last.

Shaped a little differently than the norm, upon wear, the H3 Hybrid sits a little differently on one’s head, but hugs it tightly nonetheless, with detachable ear pads that have been specifically designed to “conform to the anatomy of the ear”, thus enabling a “better acoustic seal,” delivering an intimate moment between yourself and music. Also attached to the headset, is of course a boom arm, which when lifted upwards, will mute the conversation between you and your teammates or mysterious phone callers, but should you wish to do away with it entirely, the boom arm does disconnect from the headset.

Don’t worry, with a second microphone built into the headset itself, whoever you are speaking with, will still hear you to near perfection, just make sure you are not standing outside on a very windy day, because while the headset can double as warm ear muffs, whoever you are speaking to, could struggle to hear you over the wind.

When using the headset with the boom arm attached, the H3 Hybrid does come with a cover to fill the hole the boom arm once occupied, which is very easy to put in place and because of its placement, it occupies the dial on the right-hand side of the headset, which allows the user to increase and decrease the volume. Whichever method you wish to use for communication, be it with or without the boom arm, crystal clear conversations are guaranteed, as long as there isn’t any outside interference.

With regards to device compatibility, being a product in the modern-day world we live in, the H3 Hybrid supports Bluetooth, which is an absolute doodle to connect to your mobile device, simply a case of turning the headset on first with the power button on the left-hand side of the headset and then pressing the Bluetooth button on the right hand and then waiting for your phone to pair up with it. The other connections utilized are a headphone jack to connect your headset to your Nintendo Switch, mobile phone, or laptop and a USB-C connector that can also connect your headset to your laptop.

The USB lead can also be connected to a USB plug to charge the headphones, but with the headset providing users with two means of connecting the device to their laptops and computers, with the H3 Hybrid, consumers will be able to enjoy simultaneous wired audio mixing, thanks to a headset devised for such a feat.

In conclusion, the H3 Hybrid certainly feels like a worthwhile purchase, but were we to recommend it, our recommendation has to for the Ghost White version. The black and white combo is an absolute stunner and for those who are Switch gamers, who recently upgraded to a Nintendo Switch OLED Model, this pairing is an absolute must. Should you wish to go one step further than that, there’s always the triple combo of Ghost White H3 Hybrid, Nintendo Switch OLED Model and Metroid Dread.

About EPOS H3 Hybrid Wired Digital Gaming Headset:

The EPOS H3 Hybrid gaming headset provides optimized-for-console dual connection with simultaneous wired audio mixing. This intuitive, smart, and long-wearing headset and fits ergonomically for ease of use. Bluetooth® and wired connectivity, and a detachable lift-to-mute boom arm microphone delivers crisp intelligible game chat.

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