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Nintendo announced last week that they would be sharing a video to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Fire Emblem series. The video, titled “Fire Emblem Castle Conversations” has now been published to the Nintendo Mobile YouTube channel. It features seven voice actors who lend their voices to the series’ iconic characters like Hector, Caeda, Roy, Ferdinand, and Prince Dimitri.

The video is just over an hour long and you can watch it via the embedded vide below.

Video Description:

30 years of the Fire Emblem series of games means 30 years of memorable moments! Join Chief Fehnix for this candid, in-depth discussion with a few of the voices that helped bring some fan-favorite Fire Emblem characters to life.

This video does not contain any new information regarding upcoming titles from Nintendo.

00:00 Fehnix welcomes one and all

01:16 Billy Kametz brings out his inner Hector

10:45 Cherami Leigh enjoys her tea time

20:57 Ray Chase treasures his tomes

28:24 Christian LaMonte digs into FE lore

38:26 Xanthe Huynh recalls quieter moments

48:20 Chris Hackney puns it up with style 56:09 Patrick Seitz voices and directs

Source: Nintendo Mobile (YouTube)

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