The latest Fire Emblem Heroes Update Version 5.0.0 is now available! Following the latest Feh Channel presentation, the arrival of Book V of the games story has been officially revealed with a brand new cast of characters.

Journey into Book V of the Fire Emblem Heroes game and discover Niðavellir, the realm of dvergar, a world where magic and science have been fused into something called Seiðjárn!

You can start playing Book V after the games current maintenance period which ends at around 11 PM PT. For those who clear Chapter 1 on Normal difficulty, you’ll be able to unlock the new Book V character Reginn: Bearing Hope.

Both the Feh Channel and Book V opening movie can be viewed below:

The gears of Book V will begin to turn soon, are you excited for the latest entry in the Fire Emblem Heroes game? Let us know!

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