Moving Out is a wacky physics game from SMG Studio. It released on the Nintendo Switch last April and we have recently had a chat with the head of SMG Studio to talk more about the Moving Out and how it came to be.

Miketendo64: First of all. Who are you and what is your role at SMG Studio?
Ashley: Ashley Ringrose, and head of SMG Studio.

Miketendo64: For anyone who doesn’t know what Moving Out is about, would you like to explain a little bit about it?
Ashley: Moving Out is a ridiculous physics-based moving simulator that brings new meaning to “couch co-op”! It’s set in the 1980s, 50 levels, can be played by 1,2,3 or 4 players, and a real 80s cartoon silly story to wrap it all up. If you’re a fan of couch co-op games then you’ll be sure to love Moving Out.

Miketendo64: How did Moving Out come into development? 
Ashley: I’ve known Jan from DevM games in Sweden for 6 years when he did some Flash game dev for us under my previous company Soap. Then every 6 months hassled him to come work with us in Australia and it was early 2017 he mentioned he had a prototype that was “getting too big for just him”. We had just wrapped Death Squared and so reached out and we decided to team up with SMG taking the lead.


Miketendo64: Were there any issues that you faced during development?
Ashley: I wouldn’t say there were major issues. Every game is about decisions and the tough part there is normally no wrong answer. So making those decisions quickly and confidently enough to keep the team always moving forward is the toughest part. We also created a new team for SMG in Melbourne around Moving Out so that has its own teething problems with processes, communication, team structure. But we’ve now shipped our first title successfully, the team is more confident and has a good flow on now.

Miketendo64: Are there any plans to add DLC?
Ashley: We have a lot of ideas so just finishing off some final tweaks to the core game first. We just did an update/fix which added a new character, Platinum times, some extra dance moves etc.

Miketendo64: How has public reception been for the game?

Ashley: We’re really happy with the reception, players got the humor and the tone we were going for along with how the game blends a few genres together. It’s also nice to see kids to adults enjoying your game. I think we have a really fun “sandbox” style game which allows us to really expand on the game in unique ways. So stay tuned.


Miketendo64: Moving Out is published by Team17. How did that partnership come to be?
Ashley: They reached out after we announced on the Kinda Funny Games Showcase (which was our first big break) We got chatting and I think the fact they are not just a good publisher but a game developer themselves that made the decision easy. We were able to get support on the design of Moving Out that helped make those decisions I mentioned earlier. Team17 have a lot of data from their other games and experience to help us make those core “game design” decisions much easier.

Miketendo64: You have brought Death Squared, Super One More Jump, and Moving Out to the Nintendo Switch. What do you have next in store for the Hybrid Console?Ashley: We have another of our older titles almost ready to go but had to focus on other titles for now. Any new games we think of we always have the Nintendo Switch as the primary console and how it would work on that.

Miketendo64: Lastly, do you have anything you would like to say to our readers and followers, and everyone who buys your games?
Ashley: If you play any game and enjoy it, send the developers an email, tweet, or FB message telling them that you did and why. It really lifts the spirits of the team for us and I know other developers.


Thank you Ashley for taking part in our interview. If any of you reading this interview would like to know more about SMG Studio and Moving Out, or any of their other games, please be sure to check out their website at:

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