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Having finally caught a shiny of my very own in Pokémon GO, I feel like celebrating the occasion, but instead of tooting my own horn, I want to celebrate by congratulating my fellow Trainers with their recent captures and honour them all in a brand new Community Spotlight gallery.

So, here’s to all you Pokémon Masters out there! You are all heroes in my book!

@Feinnon: “Well another wild for the day let’s go!


@timberwolfpack7: “Shiny Skarmory number 2, and now I’m on a three day shiny streak!!

@AyahInstinct:Finally got my first shiny Pika with umbreon hat and shiny Dunsparce last night in this Pika nest.


@_Mikhhu: “My 2nd shiny Feebas. Hatched it from 10 km egg.


@Kristian_Ewok: “Después de ir a misa: Segundo shiny!

@Badlandsw0lf: “I got so many Snubbull yesterday and not a single shiny. I do not understand. I got other shinies though so I guess that makes up for it.


@GVNPLM:Shiny #Dunsparce!


@MrNurseKyle: “I caught this beauty from the throwback Johto challenges.


@hitmonchat:Since my shiny luck on stream is poor, it looks like the #PokemonGo shiny gods have decided to smile on me!


@keibron:Nuevo vídeo ¡ESPECTACULAR FINAL SHINY en #PokemonGO del SAFARI ZONE! RT a tope se agradece!

@qylghni:Hmm. Not really… but okay. Shiny for the past few days: Snubbull & Cyndaquil.

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