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For those of you who are playing Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX you may have noticed the Wonder Mail option in menus. Wonder Mail allows players to input codes in order to receive rewards like extra missions, items, and TMs. Each code consists of 8 characters of both letters and numbers.

We have accumulated a list below of what rewards you can get and the codes you need to input.

Pokémon Rescue Mission Rewards Wonder Mail Code
Mareep 991Y 5K47
Smoochum 92JMR48W
TM Rewards Wonder Mail Code
Brutal Swing TM XNY8 PK40
Bulldoze TM PFXQ PCN3
Energy Ball TM N0R7 K93R
Flamethrower TM P5R9 411S
Focus Blast TM 78SH 6463
Leech Life TM 3TY1 XW99
Shadow Ball TM 90P7 CQP9
Smart Strike TM W95R 91XT
Thunderbolt TM R13R6XY0
Waterfall TM JR4113QS
Item Rewards Wonder Mail Code
DX Gummi x1, Rainbow Gummi x1 XMK9 5K49
DX Gummi x2 H6W7 K262
Geo Pebble x40, Gravelrock x40, Golden Fossil x20 8QXR 93P5
Life Seed x2, Carbos x2 0R79 10P7
Oran Berry x10, Sitrus Berry x1, Reviver Seed x1 FSHH 6SR0
Power Band x1, Defense Scarf x1, Gold Ribbon x1 25QQ TSCR
Power Drink x2, Accuracy Drink x2, PP-Up Drink x2 XT49 8SP7
Rare Quality Orb x3, Inviting Orb x3, Wigglytuff Orb x1 QXW 5MMN1
Rawst Berry x5, Chesto Berry x5, Tiny Reviver Seed x2 3R62 CR63
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