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One of the brand new features coming to The Legend Of Zelda: Link’s Awakening for the Nintendo Switch, is the Chamber Dungeon. The Link’s Awakening Chamber Dungeon feature allows players to create their own dungeons by collecting parts of dungeons found in game by clearing them. Players can then use a number of assets to construct their own dungeons and then play through them. It is kind of like your own personal Zelda Maker.

Thanks to the Nintendo Treehouse team providing live coverage of the Chamber Dungeon, we got to have a better look and understanding of how the mode works. Joined by Zelda Producer Eiji Aonuma, the Nintendo Treehouse team showed many features and how players can swap between different chambers and linking stairways to one another. They also revealed the Link’s Awakening amiibo functionality in the game as well, which we will explain in our breakdown.

  • Each chamber must have an Entrance chamber and a Nightmare chamber (Boss).
  • Each chamber is categorized by Entrance, Nightmare and how many doorways it has; 1,2,3 & 4.
  • They are then sub-categorized by where each door way is placed.
  • Chambers are collected by clearing the dungeon they are found in.
  • Some chambers have features like chests, staircases and locked doors.
  • Chests will have keys in them to open locked doors.
  • Locked doors can not exceed the number of keys in the dungeon. There must be enough chests with keys to open all doors.
  • Doorways must connect up with other doorways. They can’t go onto blocked walls.
  • Staircases will automatically generate 2D sub-areas for link to travel through.
  • Chamber Dungeon supports amiibo functionality (all zelda amiibo) and will add plus effects to your dungeons.
  • The Link’s Awakening amiibo will add shadow Link enemy to chase you through the chambers.
  • The Tutorial has 4 preset patterns that players must complete and clear.
  • Your dungeons will show your clear time. Let you friends and family play your dungeons to see if they can beat your time.





That is what we know so far. However we still have a few more questions that have yet to be answered.

  • Will players be able to share their dungeons with friends online.
  • What Plus Effects will other Zelda amiibo have?
  • Can you save multiple Dungeons with the same template?
  • How many dungeon templates are there?

If you have yet to see any of the Link’s Awakening Chamber Dungeon gameplay on the Nintendo Treehouse Live segments, you can watch it below. The Chamber Dungeon gameplay starts from the 14:00 minute mark.

So what do you think of the Chamber Dungeon? Is Nintendo testing the waters with Link’s Awakening Chamber Dungeon to see how well a Standalone Zelda Maker would fare? Why not share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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