Developer: Crazysoft Limited
Publisher: Crazysoft Limited
Platform: Nintendo Switch (eShop)
Category: Lifestyle, Party, Utility & Education
Release Date: November 29, 2018 (EU & NA)



As a kid that grew up on pop culture from the eighties and nineties, I was obsessed with the mystical and anything remotely magical. One of the most fascinating subjects in this regard, to me, was fortune telling. While peering into a crystal ball is much more romantic, the reading of tarot cards is more dramatic, palm reading has always been the most intimate form of fortune telling.

Palm Reading Premium is an app that teaches you about your personality and penchant for fortune (or misfortune), based upon the lines of your palm and fingers. In the app, you will be given fifteen tests, spread across three categories. In the palm lines category, you will be asked to observe your heart, head, life, Saturn, Apollo, and Mercury lines. You’ll be asked to identify the point of origin, the destination, and any special lines or breaks found along the line.

In the Palm fingers category, you’ll look at general,thumb, Jupiter, Saturn, Apollo, and Mercury fingers. Palm fingers will look at the length of your fingers, shape of your nails, whether they are crooked or knotty, and if you hold them close together or separated. Each other named section corresponds to a given finger (Jupiter is Index finger, Saturn is middle finger…), and this is usually about the lengths of the different sections and their orientation compared to the adjacent fingers.
In the Palm extras will have you look at gifts and marks, which has to do with potential talents, hand shapes, and compatibility, where you will also compare your palm to that of your partner’s.

Each test will attempt to give you insight into your personality based on the length, fullness, swoopiness, or deviations of the various lines on your palm and fingers. There is also a helpful reminder that the left hand is how you see yourself, and the right hand is how others see you…so that opens up the possibility of going through all of the tests twice so you can get a more complete picture of who you might potentially be. The compatibility test has you observe tour partner’s palm as well as your own, which is a cute way of giving the player one more way of using the game to interact with others.

This app doesn’t provide any information as far as your future goes beyond the same generalizations that one could make about you based on an astrological sign, but it is still momentarily entertaining nonetheless. I think it took me about 30-40 minutes to go through the entire list of questions, and as artists can attest to, staring at a hand for 15-20 minutes makes you realize how truly strange hands actually look in the grand scheme of things.

What was even creepier, is that I began to disassociate my hand with the rest of my body, so I had a brief moment after going through the game where it was slightly more difficult to get my left hand (my non-dominant hand) in particular, to bend. Palm Reading Premium, again, tracks your scores based on the saved player profile, and you can go back and read your results at any time.



Just as I did with my review for Personality and Psychology Premium, I will look at Palm Reading Premium from the perspective of someone that is interested in buying this app to begin with. As that is the case, I will say that while this app was informative about the topic of palmistry for a total layman without previous knowledge, there isn’t anything particularly unique about this app or its information, merely that it’s a neat little way of easily explaining the basics of palmistry to a new listener. If you actually want a more specific fortune read based on your palm lines, you’ll still have to track down a palm reader. Just remember that it’s all in fun.





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