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Sorry Samus, you’re going to have to wait a couple of hours.

As promised, three more games were added to the Nintendo Entertainment SystemNintendo Switch Online line-up of games, as part the Version 1.2.0 update and liked we hoped, a surprise was among them.

In addition to Metroid, Mighty Bomb Jack and TwinBee, another SP title was added and this time it’s Gradius SP! Previously available on the Wii U as part of the line-up of Virtual Console games in 2014, Gradius is a side-scrolling shooter developed by Konami and originally released in 1986. 

Being an SP title, there are of course some serious differences. For starters, players will get to start from Stage 5 and be armed to the teeth with the strongest equipment the game has to offer. (Quick comment, Gradius features 7 stages, so by starting on 5, you skip more than half of the game.)

Below, we have a picture of the changes in exact detail, as offered by Nintendo and an overview on the game, when it released on the Nintendo Wii U:

About Gradius: (For Wii U)

Blast your way to victory in this classic side-scrolling shooter. Across the galaxy, there exists a distant planet known as Gradius. Gradius’ peaceful existence has been brought to an end by an intense space invasion by a race known as the Bacterion. To save the planet, the hyperspace fighter Vic Viper has been deployed to fight the Bacterion invasion. Players pilot the Vic Viper through seven stages, shooting and dodging through deadly obstacles, while using various power-ups, including missiles, lasers, options and shields. The Vic Viper’s target is the enemy fortress, Xaerous. The only way to end the war is to plunge deep through the enemy forces and destroy its very core.


Still, Gradius isn’t the only SP title available this month, as those in who have a Japanese Account with the Famicom – Nintendo Switch Online app downloaded, also have access to a NES Open Tournament Golf SP title (Mario Open Golf: Full Open Version). A couple of pictures relating to it, can be seen here:

Gradius Nintendo Switch Online

Given the fact NES Open Tournament Golf is a NES game available for the West, it is not clear why the SP version is solely available to the Famicom version of the service, but it could be a case of a matter of time before we do get an eventual localised release.


We’ll be sure to keep you in the meantime, but until then, with four more NES games for you to play right now, why not get reacquainted with Metroid and the rest? Metroid Wednesdays are all the rage!



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