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After the grand revealing of Super Smash Bros Ultimate at E3 2018, the official Smash Bros website has had a major revamp and also a new addition it the form of the “Super Smash Blog.”

The Super Smash Blog will be added to over time of all the new aspects being added to the game. The blog has already seen some entries added to it like the inclusion of Ridley and Inkling Girl, the Launch star and the Squid Sisters assist trophy.

Here we have some of entries that have been posted to the blog.

Today’s Item
Launch Star
If you touch the star, your fighter will be launched at high speed. Clever placement can lead to an easy KO!

Today’s Fighter
#65: Ridley
Joining the battle from the storied Metroid series, Ridley’s long tail and sharp claws let him unleash a torrent of devastating attacks. His Final Smash is a powerful stream of plasma breath intense enough to bring down Samus’s starship.

Today’s Item
Squid Sisters Assist Trophy
Cameras get closer and closer to their live performance, limiting the space you have to battle. Don’t get too lost in the music!

Today’s Fighter
#62: Inkling
Attacks with a variety of weapons. Covering opponents with ink leads to more and more damage—plus these Inklings are really fashionable!

If you would like to keep up to date with all the development news and additions to Super Smash Bros Ultimate, you can access the Super Smash Blog here.

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