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7Levels has announced that Castle Of Heart is getting it’s first update and will be bringing some user requested changes. The update includes more responsive controls, a refined tutorial and even its own Funky Kong Mode (Sorry, couldn’t resist) for those that found the initial release too challenging. Bugs that the company have been warned about have also been worked out. There has also been a 10% price drop on the Nintendo Switch eShop.

Here is the official Press Release.


Castle of Heart got even better thanks to its first big update and we want to celebrate with you by dropping the price!

Great news for all the Nintendo Switch™ users as some requested changes have just been implemented to Castle of Heart – a classic action platformer with plenty of new twists. Not only is this the first update since launch, bringing significant improvements, but the game is now 10% off, too!

Castle Of Heart

Since the launch of Castle of Heart, we spent the past two months browsing through hundreds of comments, posts, gathering all the feedback we could possibly get and, most importantly, working hard on implementing as many requested changes as possible.

Changes that YOU, dear gamers, asked for. Because we are making games for you, for that reason, we want them to be as good as possible while meeting your expectations. If, so far, you were undecided whether to purchase the game, now is the right time to visit the Nintendo eShop ( and download the game. We would like to show you our appreciation for helping us make the game even better, that’s why we have prepared a special promotion. You can now get Castle of Heart for only 13.49 USD/EUR!

Castle Of Heart Update

So what exactly can you expect from Castle of Heart now that we have improved some of the elements you commented on the most? Here is a list of all the changes:

  • In-game tutorial – several things were designed from scratch, while others were remodeled. It will help you understand better the core gameplay mechanics, like leveling up and the use of power-ups
  • Character’s animations – better control over the main character was our main goal. In order to achieve it, we have polished some animations. The result is that our knight reacts immediately to you want him to do (like jumping, punching, shooting, picking up weapons and so on)
  • Combat – we received a lot of feedback on that, so we have focused on improving it, especially on polishing the blocking mechanics
  • Second weapon – by popular demand, we have added indicators informing you about the second weapon’s power. A small, yet an important change
  • Easy Mode – we have heard your comments loud and clear and we reckon that the game might be a bit too challenging at times. This mode was added for the gamers that simply enjoy exploring the game’s world
  • Balance – we have improved this feature and we hope you will notice it
  • Bugs – we fixed the ones that we could find, so they shouldn’t distract you any more

Looks good, doesn’t it? Feel free to test all the changes we have implemented and let us know your thoughts. You can find us on our official website ( or on Facebook ( But most of all, have fun!



In Castle of Heart, you will fight your way through 20 levels, set in 4 distinct environments inspired by real life places, all meticulously designed in 3D with changing landscapes, different weather conditions and detailed backgrounds.

While roaming the game’s fantasy world, you will face all kinds of enemies sent by the evil sorcerer to stop you. You will have to use different strategies in order to beat each type of opponent. Your success will depend on your ability to choose wisely from a wide selection of increasingly more powerful weapons – fire-based weapons, ice-based weapons and even deafening grenades – and to use your magical arsenal, as well as power-ups.

Don’t forget that your body is made of stone and it will disintegrate if you avoid fighting. In order to keep it together, you will need energy which you get by defeating enemies. Never forget about it or you will hit your critical energy level sooner than you expect, causing one of your arm to fall off, alongside your ability to wield an additional weapon.

All this, enriched with the dark fantasy atmospheres of the best action platformer titles from the genre’s golden age, make Castle of Heart a perfect mix of classic influences and modern approaches, utilizing the many features of the Nintendo Switch™ that will captivate both fans of the genre and newcomers.


    • A unique main character – a knight turned to stone, who needs to keep fighting to avoid disintegration
    • 20 different levels in 4 beautiful environments inspired by real life places
    • Over 50 types of weapons, short and long range, allowing each gamer to find their own, individual combat style
    • HD Rumble support for a better immersion
    • At least 7 hours of addictive, exciting gameplay
    • Epic boss fights at the end of every location
    • Breathtaking graphics
  • Numerous power-ups that enrich the gameplay.


Source: 7Levels PR


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