Guess what peeps? We’re back with another edition of The Miketendo Strip, only this time, we’re doing things a little differently.

With Miitomo meeting its end tomorrow, we thought instead of doing the usual comic, we would dedicate a comic to Miitomo and made it via Miitomo and this is the final result:

Miketendo Strip Banner v2018 #4520180503101132737106925.jpg201805030949451046172395.png20180503101446126844127.png201805031036531309598085.png20180503103056356521649.pngFarewell Miitomo

To stay up to date on any news, updates and spoilers regarding the next issue, be sure to follow @miketendo64 on Twitter, as that’s where all #theMiketendoStrip news is shared first! But if you don’t hear anything, it doesn’t mean an issue isn’t in the works. It just means the nature of it is being kept under wraps until the time is right and if you can’t wait for the next one, there are 45 other Issues you are more than welcome to check out.



See you for the next one!


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