[Feature] Bidding Farewell to #KirbyWeek!

March 19, 2018 8:56 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Bidding Farewell to #KirbyWeek!

Sorry guys, but it’s that time of day again. It is time to say goodbye to #KirbyWeek!

We’re as cut up as you guys to see it go, but go it must so we can move on to what comes next. The future is open and we must embrace it with open arms, but not before we do a summarised list of how we spent #KirbyWeek. So, here’s us doing just that:



March 12 2018:


March 13 2018:



March 14 2018:


March 15 2018:


March 16 2018:


March 18 2018:


As always, a huge thanks goes out to all those who interacted with us, took part in our giveaway and won! We have not yet decided on when the next Theme Week will take place, or even what the theme will be about, but when we do, we’ll be all too happy to share the news.

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