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Guess what guys? All this week its #KirbyWeek and it is time for yet another instalment of Kirby & I! A mini-series of interviews where we ask video game developers and publishers, what they think of Kirby. Occupying the hot seat for today’s instalment, is none other than Image & Form Games’ Julius Guldbog. Take it away Julius!

Julius Guldbog

Julius Guldbog – Kirby & I Interview:

Q1. What is the First Kirby game you played? Kirby’s Dreamland 2. Loved it to bits!

Q2. What is the Last Kirby game you played? Star Allies! Don’t ask how…!

Q3. Do you have a favourite Kirby game? Has to be Canvas Curse or Super Star Ultra. Both made great use of the original DS hardware?

 Image result for Kirby gifs

Q4. Do you have a favourite Kirby ability? Might be boring, but I really love the sword. Works wonders every time!

Q5. Do you have a favourite Kirby character? I have to say Dedede. He also has the best theme song in the entire series.

Q6) Have you tried the Kirby Star Allies demo for Nintendo Switch? Yup! It was fun!

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Q7.Will you be buying Kirby Star Allies for your Nintendo Switch? Definitely!  

Q8. Do you own a Kirby amiibo? I own three! King Dedede, Kirby and Meta Knight.

Q9. Do you have a favourite Kirby moment? Not directly related to the games, but I adore the music from the games. When I began playing the piano well over 15 years ago I started out by learning to play a bunch of Kirby themes like Green Greens, Fountain of Dreams, etc. Funny thing, I posted a short video yesterday of me playing the victory fanfare:

Q10. If you could have a Kirby cameo in one of the game’s you’re working on, how would you handle it? I would love to play as Kirby in SteamWorld Heist. It would be fun to see what kinds of abilities he would gain from absorbing Captain Piper’s robot crew. LOL!

 Julius Guldbog

Sadly, we won’t be hearing from Julius again this week, but we do have a few other fun developers/publishers who have answered our questions and in the next instalment, we’ll be hearing from the very awesome Jeremy Alessi of Midnight Status. Oh yeah!


All hail #KirbyWeek!


#KirbyWeek is in Celebration of Kirby Star Allies which, releases on Nintendo Switch March 16. You can check out the official Kirby Star Allies Webpage here.

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