Guess what guys? All this week its #KirbyWeek and it is time for yet another instalment of Kirby & I! A mini-series where we interview video game developers and publishers, what they think of Kirby. Occupying the hot seat for today’s instalment, is none other than Arcanity Inc’s Matias Kindermann. Take it away Matias!

Matias Kindermann

Matias Kindermann- Kirby & I Interview

Q1. What is the First Kirby game you played?

The first Kirby game I played was Kirby’s Pinball Land for Game Boy in ‘93. Back when the first two games were released for the NES I was a metal/goth/industrial teen, so that pink blob wasn’t on brand for me hahaha. But my love for pinball was always super strong, so when I saw that game for Game Boy I had to get it. I ended up falling in love with the character when I saw it doing his little dance, so I’m on team Kirby since them.

Q2. What is the Last Kirby game you played?

Kirby’s Epic Yarn. That game’s so relaxing…

Q3. Do you have a favourite Kirby game?

Last year, when I got my NES Classic, I played Kirby’s Adventure for the first time and I absolutely love that game. But if I had to pick a favorite it’d have to be Pinball Land, for nostalgia’s sake.

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Q4. Do you have a favourite Kirby ability? I like his Sword Ability, just the way he carries the sword makes me happy.

Q5. Do you have a favourite Kirby character? I think Kirby is the best, Meta Knight comes in second because he wants to look badass but he’s just cute.

Q6) Have you tried the Kirby Star Allies demo for Nintendo Switch? No.

Q7.Will you be buying Kirby Star Allies for your Nintendo Switch? No, as I have no time. [Note for readers: Arcanity Inc are currently hard at work at bringing Tanzia to Nintendo Switch.]

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Q8. Do you own a Kirby amiibo?

I only have a handful of Amiibos, 8-bit Mario, Mega-Man, Samus, Ryu and Dr. Mario, I’m not a collector, so I only grabbed a few because they look nice on my desk.

Q9. Do you have a favourite Kirby moment?

Not a single moment, but the whole feel of playing almost every Kirby game, they’re relaxing and happy.

Q10. If you could have a Kirby cameo in one of the game’s you’re working on, how would you handle it?

I can picture a whole island of Kirby-like creatures in Tanzia, where you get a pink armor that can copy abilities!

 Kirby & I

Sadly, we won’t be hearing from Matias again this week, but we do have a few other fun developers/publishers who have answered our questions and in the next instalment, we’ll be hearing from the very awesome Julius Guldbog of Image & Form Games. Oh yeah! You can also check out our Kirby & I interview with David Bruno from Mastiff Games via this link.

All hail #KirbyWeek!


#KirbyWeek is in Celebration of Kirby Star Allies which, releases on Nintendo Switch March 16. You can check out the official Kirby Star Allies Webpage here.

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